Culture of Giving Campaign: Thank you for your support!

October 6 marked the end of the annual Culture of Giving fundraiser. Thanks to your generous donations, we met our goal of $77,000 with over 50% of families contributing!

We would not have achieved our target without Employer Matched Gifts. It is not too late to request that your gift be matched. If you are unsure if your company offers this benefit, please ask. It is an easy way to compound your donation.

Congratulations to Ms. Villaseñor’s, Ms. Bahr’s, and Ms. Waterman’s classes for being Classroom Challenge winners!

Donation acknowledgements and information about benefits for qualifying donations will be sent out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please contact Sonia and Donna at cultureofgiving@robertspto.org with any questions

If you would still like to give, Roberts PTO accepts donations year round. Visit http://robertspto.org/fundraising/culture-of-giving/ for more information.