Become a Bookworm for Your Child’s Class

Join in the Bookworm fun today!

WHO: You!

Bookworms are parents who invest a small amount of time to create a huge impact in their child’s life, class and in our Roberts community by volunteering to read just 15-minutes during their child’s library time.

HOW: Bookworms’ E-sign-up Sheet is easy to use.

Simply choose which week or weeks in the school year accommodate your busy schedule to read to your child’s class. You or Roberts Grandparents can choose to serve once or all the library weeks that remain.

Just make sure you:

1) Sign up to express interest in serving as a
Bookworm by emailing robertsptolibrary@gmail.com, include your child’s name and teacher’s name


2) Get VIPS-approved through HISD.

Already VIPS-approved?

Already signed up this school year for Bookworms? Use the E-Sign-Up Sheet and help us end the year with a Bookworm Bang!