Welcome to the Roberts Elementary School PTO Website!

Welcome, Roberts Families!RE_logoCircleIB_4.24.12-01 copy

As part of the Roberts community, all parents are part of the Roberts PTO. Please take a minute to navigate the website, see a list of current PTO officers, read meeting minutes, download forms and get information on how you can help the school by participating in PTO-driven activities and fundraisers.

Welcome Letter from the PTO President P.J.Davis Oran

[important]             READ the latest PTO meeting minutes here! [/important]

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School Climate Survey

We are interested in your feedback regarding the School Climate at Roberts. Please complete this survey to share your input regarding our strengths or where we have opportunities to grow. Your feedback will make our school the best it can be!

The survey will close on Friday, October 12th.

Roberts Elementary School Climate Survey 2018-2019

Roberts Elementary Encuesta del Ambiente Escolar 2018-2019

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Culture of Giving

We are excited to launch the 2018 Culture of Giving fundraiser. This annual campaign funds 1/3 of the PTO budget. This year’s campaign will run from September 10 through October 1. 

Through your generous donations and tireless volunteerism, our children enjoy activities that set us apart from other schools. Last year, the Roberts PTO supported the projects in the following areas. For a detailed list, please see the 2017-18 Year in Review

– IB Membership
– Curriculum Enrichment
– Professional Development
– Technology
– Health & Safety
– Building & Grounds

Please consider giving. If every family gives $1 per school day (a donation of $175), we will reach our goal. 100% of the money you donate goes directly into the school. Donations are tax deductible. Ask if your employer has a Corporate Matching Program to compound your contribution.

For more information including how to donate and benefits, click here

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Grade Level Welcome Coffee

Welcome back for a new school year! Make some time for grade level welcome coffee hosted by Roberts parents. The PTO would like to thank all the parents for volunteering to host coffee. This is a great opportunity to meet parents with kids in the same grade level.

Click here to find your kids grade level coffee to meet more/new parents.




School Directory

Calling all parents new and old to input their family information to be used in the Roberts 2018-2019 Directory. The deadline is September 15. We appreciate your participation!!  Please update the information here . Read more here for directory sponsorship.


Get VIPS Cleared Now with HISD’s New RAPTOR Volunteer Management System!

The district policy is that volunteers and visitors must be VIPS(Volunteers in Public Schools) cleared to attend any school event other than lunch or parent conferences. The district is really pushing for compliance on all campuses. This means, you cannot attend an event in your child’s class (like a poetry reading) unless you are VIPS cleared. For instructions, click here.


Thanks for Participating in the 4th Annual Roberts Running Club Race

Thanks to all who participated, volunteered, or cheered on the runners at our 4th Annual Roberts Running Club Race held May 2nd, 2018 at Rice University’s Wendel D. Ley Track! Seventy-seven students competed and a great time was had by all. Check the Running Club website for the list of top 3 finishers in each heat and pictures from the event. We hope to see you on the track next year!

[important]Link to Running Race Photos[/important]

For more information, contact