Fun Run

This year’s Fun Run aims to raise $60K in funds to renovate the playing field which will include: new drainage beneath the field, adjusting the grade on top for better run off, new grass, a new track, new soccer goals, improvements around the stage and more. Additionally, 5% of what each classroom raises will go back to that classroom for supplies, books, or other needed items. A further 1% percent will go to our local food bank to feed hungry children. The Fun Run will be held on Friday, November 4th.

The Fun Run will kick off on Monday, October 24 with a Pep Rally to get the children excited and to explain the program. On the day of the Pep Rally, your child will come home with a pledge sheet and detailed instructions on how family and friends can sponsor them. Sponsors can pledge money based on how many laps your child runs or just give a flat donation. Your child can also send video emails (which are super easy to create) across the world asking friends and family to sponsor them. This is a great way for family and friends to show their support for your children and it also helps your children learn some important lessons about teamwork and contributing to their community.

Then each day for nine days, the children will watch a daily video about building character and will receive prizes based on the amount of pledges they have received.

On November 4, the entire school will participate in the Fun Run. Each child is encouraged to run as many laps as possible, up to 35, with each lap raising money for the school.

All parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to come watch and cheer on the students on November 4th – but EVERYONE needs to be VIPS approved. Fun Run times for grade levels:  K-1st from 8:30-9:30; 2nd-3rd from 9:45-10:45; 4th-5th from 11:00-12:00.

Each classroom needs a classroom liaison for the pep rally and the Fun Run, so please contact your room parent if you are interested in attending those with your child’s class. Separately, we need parent volunteers to help general, non-classroom specific tasks during the two weeks of the program.

Sign up to be a general volunteer during the day of the Fun Run and/or the days leading to it!  See the Sign-Up Genius link! Volunteers must be VIPS approved.