Executive Board and Standing Committees

Roberts Elementary PTO Board 2019-20

Download this list by clicking here: 2019-20 Roberts PTO PDF


Executive Board
President Sonia Tze Huse president@robertspto.org
President-Elect Vanessa Engel presidentelect@robertspto.org
Past President P. J. Davis-Oran pastpresident@robertspto.org
Corresponding Secretary Marisa Botros correspondingsecretary@robertspto.org
Historian Devyn Wolens historian@robertspto.org
Parliamentarian Anu Shah parliamentarian@robertspto.org
Recording Secretary Martha Gau recordingsecretary@robertspto.org
Treasurer Dina Taaffe treasurer@robertspto.org
Board/Roberts PTO Committee Chairs
Culture of Giving Debra Dluhy cultureofgiving@robertspto.org
Jason Dluhy
Jenny Beech
Scott Beech
Auction Lorie Jacobs auction@robertspto.org
Maria Janish
Book Fair Vanessa Engel bookfair@robertspto.org
Lorie Jacobs
Budget Ashley Irwin budget@robertspto.org
Carnival Sarah Shull carnival@robertspto.org
Trish Hilliard
Community Night Catalina Pastore communitynight@robertspto.org
Yesenia Coronado
Community Partnerships Ryan Taaffe communitypartnerships@robertspto.org
Thomas D. Irwin
Dads Club-PADRES John Botros padres@robertspto.org
Jeff Marino
Directory Eleanor Verret directory@robertspto.org
Vinitha Rajan
Fifth Grade Courtney Tardy fifthgrade@robertspto.org
Aparna Jotwani
Jana Wang
Heather Peterson
Fun Run Marisa Botros funrun@robertspto.org
Grounds Trish Hilliard grounds@robertspto.org
Craig Baudier
Jake Roland
HISD Liaison Jenny Beech HISDliaison@robertspto.org
Hospitality Deepa Kamath hospitality@robertspto.org
Aliyah Walji (Faculty)
Information Services Jeff Frey informationservices@robertspto.org
Aliyah Walji (Faculty)
International Festival Lili Justwan internationalfestival@robertspto.org
Amber Pyeatt
International Garden Lauren Stone-Kop internationalgarden@robertspto.org
Kindergarten Liaison Patricia Castro kindergartenliaison@robertspto.org
Library Jenna McCarthy library@robertspto.org
Sue Church
Library (Book Worms) Fran-Victoria Stephens
Lunchroom Sarah Shull lunchroom@robertspto.org
Front Page Newsletter Deepa Kamath newsletter@robertpto.org
Publicity Jennifer Jackson publicity@robertspto.org
Rice Partnerships Martha Gau ricepartnerships@robertspto.org
Maria Janish
Room Parents Ellen Hurtado roomparents@robertspto.org
Running Club Erin Fox (3) runningclub@robertspto.org
School Store Valerie Thurmond schoolstore@robertspto.org
Leah Whitley
School Supplies Camille Jenman schoolsupplies@robertspto.org
Natalie Smith
Staff Appreciation Cathy Lawrence staffappreciation@robertspto.org
Jane Foster
Shelley Jameson
Patricia Castro
P. J. Davis-Oran
Tuesday Folders Muhammad Parekh tuesdayfolders@robertspto.org
Bonnie Nelson
Welcome Sandy Do Latif welcome@robertspto.org
Workroom Muhammad Parekh – M workroom@robertspto.org
Bonnie Nelson – T
Natalie Smith – W
Rose Nguyen – Th, F