Classroom Volunteers

Parents, thank you for volunteering your valuable time to help your child’s classroom experience be a fantastic one!

For Tuesday Folder, the first spot is the main Tuesday Folder person and the second spot is for the backup.

For questions, please contact Margaret Henry (Room Parent Chair).

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K - Punch Class Volunteers

All spots have been filled.

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Room Parent N/A N/A#1: Andrea G.
Assistant Room Parent N/A N/A#1: deb f.
#2: Regina D.B.
Tuesday Folder N/A N/A#1: Chantel M.
#2: Regina D.B.
Fun Run Class Coordinator N/A N/A#1: Heather D.
#2: Regina D.B.
Auction Class Coordinator N/A N/A#1: Paula M.
Garden Class Liaison N/A N/A#1: deb f.
#2: Regina D.B.
Carnival Class Coordinator N/A N/A#1: Andrea G.
#2: Regina D.B.